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Guide for bokhara rugs


At occasions known as Turkmen rugs, Bokhara rugs are hand-made carpets designed to be positioned on the ground. The title Bokhara is the town in Turkestan that was identified to be supply of the rugs. They had been historically made by nomadic tribesmen in Central Asia earlier than mass manufacturing began in Iran, India and Afghanistan.

Authentic Turkmen rugs had been hand-crafted utilizing such domestically out there supplies as wool obtained from herds, vegetable dyes and different pure dyes. Because of expertise, these rugs at the moment are commercially produced in Iran and Afghanistan utilizing artificial supplies of various colours. These are largely for export to different nations. Even so, it is extremely simple to establish a hand-made rug from machine-made rugs.

The unique Bhokaras are basic items and have of late change into very talked-about owing to their distinctive designs and enchantment.


Bokhara rugs are historically deep purple in coloration. In addition they function octagonal designs of elephant foot. In contrast to the rugs, the designs are generally in darkish blue, brown or black. As a result of they had been hand-made by totally different tribes, genuine rugs function totally different design shapes. The inspiration materials for making these rugs is wool, which produces the gentle and basic contact of the rugs.


Several types of rugs can be found. They embrace:

  • Salor Bokharas – These are historically hand-crafted by Salor tribesmen living towards north of Afghanistan. They’re of superb high quality and are uncommon available in the market. They’re deep purple and have octagons in two rows. Every massive octagon additionally contains a small octagon inside with the outside of the massive octagon that includes flower designs.
  • Tekke Bokharas – These are the preferred of all Bokhara rugs. They’re historically hand crafted by Tekke tribesmen. There are royal and prayer Tekke Bokharas. Royal Bokharas are basic rugs purple in coloration. They function rows of elongated octagons and diamond designs that be a part of each vertically and horizontally. Then again, prayer rugs are strictly for conducting prayers. They differ from royal rugs in that they function crossbars that divide the rugs into 4 sections.
  • Yomud Bokharas – These are historically hand crafted by Yomud tribesmen discovered throughout Central Asia. Along with their deep-red coloration, they’re divided into 4 sections by a Greek cross. They’re historically designed with small octagons in every of the 4 sections.

There are additionally different kinds of Bokharas which can be in any other case not frequent and never common. They embrace Beshiir Bokharas that function zig-zag patterns alongside the sides and Pinde Bokharas that function prayer niches.

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